#cbusfoodbloggers: Watershed Kitchen & Bar

I'm not sure what's more impressive at Watershed Kitchen & Bar, the gorgeous space, the inventive menu, or the mind-boggling cocktail list. Every few months, Watershed rolls out an entirely new list of cocktails, and last month the cbusfoodbloggers sampled each and every beverage on the new survival-themed cocktail menu. Each cocktail menu rollout features unique…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Watershed Kitchen & Bar

#cbusfoodbloggers: Cooking with Zest

The #cbusfoodbloggers got a sneak peek of Zest Juice Co.’s newest venture called Cooking with Zest last week at 1400 Food Lab and we are PUMPED to tell you all about it. For those who aren’t familiar, Zest specializes in cold-pressed juice, and has four locations in Columbus (Grandview, Dublin, Short North, and Easton).  In…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Cooking with Zest

#cbusfoodbloggers: Sweet Carrot Happy Hour

At the intersection of 5th Avenue and Grandview Avenue lies Sweet Carrot, a fresh-casual restaurant unique to Columbus.  Though Sweet Carrot opened in November 2015, owner Angela Petro is not new to the Columbus food scene.  Through her evolution from bartender to cook to business owner, Angela has carved out a place uniquely her own in the…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Sweet Carrot Happy Hour

#cbusfoodbloggers: brunch at Balboa

Ladies and gentlemen of Columbus:  if you aren't eating tacos for breakfast you are doing it all wrong. The lovely breakfast taco specimen you see here came straight from Balboa in Grandview where the #cbusfoodbloggers gang met up for brunch earlier this month.  When it comes to tacos, the #cbusfoodbloggers practice what we preach, and Balboa's brunch  menu has…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: brunch at Balboa

#cbusfoodbloggers: Zauber meetup – NOW ENDEAVOR

On a dark Monday night toward the end of December, the #cbusfoodbloggers met at Zauber Brewing for a few pints of beer and a tour of the brewing process.  Did you know the word Zauber means magic in German?  It's true.  On our tour, Oliver Convertini, Chief Operating Officer of Zauber Brewing Company, showed us…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Zauber meetup – NOW ENDEAVOR