The Studio at The Kitchen

#cbusfoodbloggers: The Studio at The Kitchen

We have set a record with events at The Kitchen with our most recent visit to their sister space, The Studio, as our fourth! Many of us have been there several times independently as well so it's safe to say the love affair is mutual. Disclosure: While our food was complimentary, all opinions and photos…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: The Studio at The Kitchen

#cbusfoodbloggers: Taco Tuesday at The Kitchen

We don't know what's better - seasonal, themed menus or celebrating Taco Tuesday. At The Kitchen you can do both! Our last post covered our delightful experience at The Kitchen cooking brunch together along with some tidbits into their story. If you missed that you should absolutely click on over to that post. While they¬†are…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Taco Tuesday at The Kitchen

#cbusfoodbloggers: Participatory Brunch at The Kitchen

You know what's better than going out to dinner with your friends? Getting to cook together,¬†sitting down to enjoy your creations, and not having to do any grocery shopping before hand or cleaning up afterwards. Sound too good to be true? Well then you need to check out The Kitchen located in German Village. Some…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Participatory Brunch at The Kitchen