Downtown Delaware Ohio #ExperienceDelawareOhio

#cbusfoodbloggers Experience Delaware

The CbusFoodBloggers crew has ventured up to Delaware, Ohio three times now together and countless times independently. Why would we willingly drive up there when most of us live within the Columbus city limits? Because it's absolutely worth it that's why. And honestly the drive isn't all that bad - even from the center of…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers Experience Delaware

#cbusfoodbloggers Delaware Field Trip

The cbusfoodbloggers took a field trip to Delaware last month to check out a few of the city's favorite businesses:  Olivina Taproom, Fresh Start Café and Bakery, The Greater Gouda, and Seminary Hill Farms.  Though it's just half an hour north of Columbus, many of us had never been to Delaware before!  Turns out Delaware…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers Delaware Field Trip