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#cbusfoodbloggers: Inked & Screened

The Columbus Food Bloggers definitely love their food. But they also love food-related apparel, such as the custom designs at Inked & Screened! When we aren't eating food, cooking food, or thinking about food, we sometimes can be found exploring what Columbus has to offer beyond the food scene. On this occasion, at a place…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Inked & Screened

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#cbusfoodbloggers : Little Eater Clintonville – CLOSED

I dare you to go to Little Eater and not crave vegetables as your main course. Actually I don't dare you to try not to, I urge you to do it! Little Eater's produce inspired menu makes even the meat lovers want to be vegetarian.  Disclosure: Our food was complimentary. Opinions and photos are our…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers : Little Eater Clintonville – CLOSED

#cbusfoodbloggers: hot chicken takeover

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past three years, then you’ve definitely heard of Hot Chicken Takeover. If you have been hiding (no judgements), then get excited…. because the Cbus Food Bloggers got a behind the scenes look at the incredible Hot Chicken Takeover, and I’m about to share all of…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: hot chicken takeover

#cbusfoodbloggers: Baba’s Chow Down

I've been avoiding writing this post because I'm in the middle of a 3-week fitness challenge and I've got a freezer full of Baba's griddle muffins waiting to be eaten.  Please understand the extreme level of self-control I am exhibiting as I sit here editing photos of cinnamon rolls and piping hot muffin sandwiches oozing…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Baba’s Chow Down

#cbusfoodbloggers: Lucky’s Market

Last week, the #cbusfoodbloggers met up at Lucky's Market in Clintonville to get the 4-1-1 on Lucky's local outreach initiatives.  Do people still say 4-1-1?  Apparently I do. Anyways. Lucky's was founded in Boulder, Colorado by two chefs, and the Columbus store was their third location.  The focus is on good food, much of which is natural…Read more #cbusfoodbloggers: Lucky’s Market