Did you know that CbusFoodBloggers consists of over 50 different bloggers/instagrammers? Some of us you may already stalk follow, and others you haven’t yet had the chance to meet! In an effort to help our readers get to know us and the bloggers behind our group, we conduct monthly interview highlighting one of our members. This month, we have Emily and Mike from EatDrinkCBUS!


  1. How did you become a food blogger? What is the theme of your blog/IG?

Emily: Mike and I love going to restaurants and sharing our favorite places. We’ve always been giving out recommendations to friends, so we decided to capture quick, covert pictures and share our pro tips for ordering. Mike has excellent taste and can always pick out the best dishes from a menu.

Mike: Our account is categorized by suburb, so if you’re looking for a place to go in most areas of Columbus, you’re covered.

  1. What is your favorite thing to cook for yourself or others?

Emily: I love everything breakfast! I recently learned how to sous vide some great egg bites that Mike says rivals those from Starbucks. But really, we’d rather be out with our brunch club!

  1. What makes the Columbus food scene great? Or what would you change?

Mike: We love that Columbus has so many locally owned and delicious options for great dining experiences. What’s missing? From traveling for work, Emily discovered the best neighborhood restaurant, The Henry, in Phoenix. We’re on a mission to convince restaurateur Sam Fox (the Cameron Mitchell of Arizona) to bring the next one to Columbus.

  1. What restaurant(s) is at the top of your “must try” list?

We’re about to check out La Tavola and ROOH once it opens. Somehow we’ve never been to G. Michael’s, so that’s on the list, too!

  1. What’s (and where) the most memorable meal/dish you had recently?

Emily: I can’t get enough of the Ahi Tuna Stack at Tucci’s in Dublin. You can find me there many Friday nights kicking off the weekend by enjoying happy hour, dinner and live music on their patio.

Mike: We went to Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse for my birthday. Top notch food and service. Have you had their mac and cheese yet? Best in the city without a doubt.

  1. Give us the inside scoop — what’s your favorite happy hour, hole in the wall, or hidden gem in Columbus?

Emily: My favorite hidden gem is Moretti’s of Arlington. Tucked away in Tremont Center, I am obsessed with the Chicken Moretti and their fresh pasta. Also off the beaten path in Whitehall is King Gyros Greek Restaurant. Chef Yianni has ruined all other greek food for me with his fresh flavors. He treats his customers like family. Also, Seema at Rollz Rice Indian Kitchen in Polaris has the best chicken tikka methi wraps for the best value.

Mike: Lindey’s definitely has the best happy hour. Bonus if the weather is great and you can sit at the patio bar!

  1. What is your favorite locally made food product?

Emily: Narrowing it down is impossible! But Fate Cakes’ red velvet cake pops is at the top of my list.

Mike: Easy. Jeni’s Brown Butter Almond Brittle Ice Cream.

  1. Some of us are not full-time bloggers. If you are not, what is your “real” job? 

Mike: I’m a 4th grade math teacher at an elementary school. Ask me anything about fractions!

Emily: I work in finance. I underwrite and manage a portfolio of loans for ultra affluent clients at an international bank.

  1. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

Emily: I’ve been to the Dominican Republic 12 times! I love traveling and the Kona Coast on Hawaii’s Big Island is my favorite destination. I have food pro tips for Phoenix, Chicago, Sarasota, Hilton Head and NYC to name a few great cities. Just ask me for recommendations in your next vacation town!

Mike: Before becoming a teacher, I earned a degree in Meteorology from Ohio State. I interned at the National Weather Service and I’m a certified weather spotter. If these guys ever need a day off, I’d be happy to fill in for Dave Mazza or Ben Gelber.

Thanks Emily and Mike! Be sure to check our their Instagram.

Interviewed by:
Erin, the Spiffy Cookie

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