The CbusFoodBloggers crew has ventured up to Delaware, Ohio three times now together and countless times independently. Why would we willingly drive up there when most of us live within the Columbus city limits? Because it’s absolutely worth it that’s why. And honestly the drive isn’t all that bad – even from the center of Columbus it only takes 35 minutes to get there.

Downtown Delaware Ohio #ExperienceDelawareOhio

Todd of Fresh Start Bakery and Cafe not only organized this wonderful event again this year, but started us off with a generous spread to sample just a little of what they are capable of. You would normally think of sweets from a bakery, and while they excel and that category, their savory items are also not to be missed. I think everyone had a hard time not eating second and third helpings! They’ve made a name for themselves in the 3 years they have been open, reminding people how good scratch homemade baked goods really are. They are also strongly vested in the community. For example, every 2 months the art decorating the cafe rotates to showcase new artwork from the community. Check their website for more info and their events calendar.

Fresh Start Bakery and Cafe #ExperienceDelwareOhio

After sufficiently stuffing ourselves, we walked a short distance down the street to digest while checking Gather, a new event space right in the heart of Downtown Delaware (there’s also a shop called Tiny House Vintage and Art upstairs). It was actually being booked before the space was actually open just from people walking by and peeking in! And who can blame them, the space it beautiful with all the exposed brick. You could host all kinds of events there such as baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, and there was even a small wedding happening there later on the day we visited! With diversity like that, it’s no surprise that they are booked pretty much every weekend. They too stand by the manta of Delaware for “collaboration no competition”. To that effect, this past February they were part of a wedding giveaway where the lucky couple won a fully stocked and planned wedding at Gather, complete with a cake from Fresh Start Bakery & Cafe, photography from Periwinkle, and even the mayor who was the officiant! In fact, starting October 3rd they will be offering packages for weddings and special events in collaboration with other local businesses.

Gather #ExperienceDelwareOhio

Next we were let loose on Delaware, exploring at our leisure and conveniently the Delaware Farmers’ Market was in full swing. Their Farmers’ Market happens twice a week from May through October. This market has a small town community feeling with as much diversity as any other market in town. This along with other events are organized by the non-profit Main Street Delaware. Another event that drives a lot of foot traffic is First Fridays, where 2 blocks are closed off for a huge community festival with about 60 vendors, live entertainment, and lots of fun from 6-9pm the first Friday of each month.

Delaware Farmers Market #ExperienceDelwareOhio

Delaware Farmers Market #ExperienceDelwareOhio

The Greater Gouda has become a group favorite for many reasons including selling lots of local products and delicious cheese spreads made in-house! When we stopped by we were lucky enough to snag a taste of the aptly named “Crazy Mad” spread which resulted in a few immediate purchases. Chef Josh was also slicing up an 18-year old aged Prosciutto di Parma. A task interrupted only by his desire to recommend a wine he thought I would like and obviously ended up buying. Not going to lie, I love this store so much I have actually made a point to visit Delaware other times just to go there.

The Greater Gouda #ExperienceDelawareOhio

A short walk around the corner brought us to Olivina Taproom where we had a olive oil and vinegar pairing experience. My favorite uniquely delicious one was the black cherry dark balsamic paired with the chipotle infused olive oil. We all tried different combos, including each others, and had a great time tasting the good, the weird, and the must haves. Fairly certain we all left with at least one small bottle.

Olivina Taproom #ExperienceDelawareOhio

Right behind Olivina is a cute shop called Honey & Abernathy. This store is great for gift ideas because there’s a little bit of everything from candles and decor to clothing and jewelry.

After our stint of retail therapy, we split up into groups for lunch. One group went to Restoration Brew Worx. You can also spy on their brewery in the back.

Another visited The Flying Pig Alehouse, where you can add any of their 4 sauces to compliment your meal: Carolina reaper, Memphis, Carolina gold, and honey BBQ.

Last but not least the third group dined at Smohked. They also have a great selection of local brews!

Smohked Delaware Ohio

Photo by Cassie & Dave of @brunchNbreweries

Smohked Delaware Ohio

Photo by Cassie & Dave of @brunchNbreweries

After lunch we had a little more free time to explore before checking out the Delaware COhatch location. If you are unfamiliar with their business, in it’s simplest form it is a coworking space with multiple levels of membership to fit your needs. Looking for a space for occasional meetings and events? Their base membership doesn’t come with an office but it allows you to come anytime to work in their open spaces and partial access to the facility which includes the theater, game room, and patio with a fire pit! As a result it’s become a popular gathering spot on Delaware First Fridays. It’s located in the old Gazette building and pays tribute with its news theme, hence naming it The Newsstand.

COhatch The Newsstand

Photo by Cassie & Dave of @brunchNbreweries

COhatch Delaware Ohio

Photo by Cassie & Dave of @brunchNbreweries

For dinner we split up again, with one group going to The Backstretch. Fun fact: they serve a deviled egg with every entree or sandwich!

The Backstretch Delaware Ohio

Photo by Cassie & Dave of @brunchNbreweries

The Backstretch Delaware Ohio

Photo by Cassie & Dave of @brunchNbreweries

The other half of the group went to Mohio Pizza. Every pizza is handmade by the owner himself!

To finish off the day, we enjoyed wine from Oak & Brazen. All of their wine is made in a facility right in Delaware using grapes from legit vineyards in California. They even have frozen wine which has become a popular item! In case you are hungry, they also offer cheeseboards from The Greater Gouda.

Oak and Brazen Delaware Ohio

Photo by Cassie & Dave of @brunchNbreweries

Thank you Todd for organizing this wonderful day and continuing to give us reasons to come back! There’s something new to discover every time and I hope we convince others to make the drive to check out everything Delaware has to offer for themselves.

Fresh Start Cafe and Bakery

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24 North Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015


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53 N Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Delaware Farmer’s Market

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N and S Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

The Greater Gouda

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12 N Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Olivina Taproom

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44 South Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Honey & Abernathy

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32 Spring Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Restoration Brew Worx

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25 N Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

The Flying Pig Alehouse

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12 S Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015


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14 W William Street, Delaware, OH 43015


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18 E William Street, Delaware, OH 43015

The Backstretch

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14 S Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Mohio Pizza

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23 N Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Oak & Brazen

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38 E Winter Street, Delaware, OH 43015

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