What’s better than getting food from a food truck? Having them all in one place along the beautiful Scioto Mile!

Columbus Food Truck Fest 2019

This year’s Food Truck Fest marked yet another beautiful weekend as summer comes to an end. With free admission and over 50 trucks with everything from new to old favorites there is something for everyone. And you better believe the Cbusfoodbloggers crew was in attendance! Spread out over Friday and Saturday, there’s plenty of time to check out several food trucks and that’s exactly what we did. The best way to take on Food Truck Fest? Bring friends and family to share food and try more things! There’s even live music to enjoy while you digest before hitting up the next truck.

Columbus Food Truck Fest Music

Let’s see what the Cbusfoodbloggers posted shall we? Phillybuster was a popular stop for BabblingxBrooke and Columbus Food Troll (who also stopped at Just Jerks and Taco Mania) with delicious sandwiches but also an order of ice cream for Brown_OnTheTown (who also stopped at Taste of N’awlins, Hai Poke, Ena’s, and Chicky Chicky Waffle).

Hai Poke and their beautifully delicious bowls were enjoyed by The Food Riders and The Daily Dish.

CbusFoodAuthority couldn’t pass up a chance to snag some Barroluco. As a previous Food Truck Fest winner, this was a popular stop for all as their display is always something worth seeing if not ordering. Although if you saw that dinner table sized paella on display how could you resist ordering?

Barroluco Paella

With the popularity of lobster rolls, it’s so surprise that both Midwest_FoodFest and SweetlyCbus were spotted at The Wicked Lobstah. (SweetlyCbus also recommended Barroluco, Glazed Curro Bar, Chicky Chicky Waffle, Aloha Aina, and Nate’a Steamed Bagels.)

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The 2019 @colsfoodtruckfest is in full effect. Here are a few tips to maximize your experience. 1. Do a loop first. Although smart, most people won't pre-plan so you end up eating as you walk and therefore becoming too full by the time you get to the end. So take your first loop and stroll and check out all the menus. Plus you can peek at some of the awesome non-food tents. 2. Pack non-alcoholic drinks. There are @budweiserusa and @whiteclaw tents but if you're looking for a soda or water you'll have to shell out $3 bucks each. So bring a water bottle or two from home so you have more money for the good stuff. 3. Every truck is required to have a $5 item. Rather than eating yourself silly on all the full size meals, grab a $5 sample size instead. 4. Trucks I highly suggest: @barroluco.argentine @glazedchurrobar @thewickedlobstah @chickychickywaffle @aloha.aina614 @natessteamedbagels And about 50 more… This festival is one of my favorites so head to the @thesciotomile until 11p tonight or 11a-11p tomorrow + tag me in your posts ~ I need to drool over the dishes I passed up. ๐Ÿšš ๐Ÿšš ๐Ÿšš ๐Ÿšš ๐Ÿšš #614eats #cbuseats #cbusfoodbloggers #cbusfoodscene #columbuseats #columbusfood #columbusfoodie #cravecbus #eat614 #ohiofoodie #sixonefork #columbusfoodscene #cbus #cbusfirst #cbusgram #cbuslife #cbuslove #livecbus #onlyincbus #livelocalcbus #lifeincbus #asseenincolumbus #columbus #columbusliving #columbusohio #expcols #lifeincolumbus #livecolumbus #onlyincolumbus #socolumbus

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You can also along follow along with Tasting.With.Tina and she tries various food trucks such as The Wicked Lobstah, Phillybuster, and Big Mouth Eggrolls!

Big Mouth Egg Rolls

You can never go wrong with tacos, especially with a name like Taco Mania? ThisIsMyTake, WhereShouldWeEat_Cbus, and SpiffyColumbus certainly agree.

Taco Mania Elote

EatPretty614 wore the proper attire to devour Ena’s OuttaRoad, Mixing Bowl and Hai Poke. Ena’s was also visited by OnThePlateWithKate.

Always room for a slice of Mikey’s, right? WhatShouldWeDoToday_Cbus certainly made sure of it despite stopping at 3 other food trucks as well.

We definitely saved room for dessert because there were tons of options. In addition to her Phillybuster ice cream, Brown_OnTheTown had an Amish Country peach doughnut, SpiffyColumbus had a Buckeyes Donuts apple fritter a la mode (as well as Put It In Your Face Sandwich Cart, Meatball Mafia, and Big Mouth Eggrolls), and ColumbusFoodTrucks had both Sweet Tooth ice cream and Lyle’s crepes!

What is your favorite food truck in town? Or what is one you’ve been dying to try?

Congrats to this year’s winners:

1st place:ย Put it in Your Face Sandwich Cart
2nd place:ย The Wicked Lobstah
3rd place:ย Redwood Wagon

Interested in collaborating on a meetup or becoming a member of the Columbus Food Bloggers group? Please email us at: cbusfoodbloggers@gmail.com.

Blog Post & Photos by: ย 
Erin, The Spiffy Cookie

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