When you think of great places to eat you may not think of Whitehall, but after our visit to King Gyros we are here to change that!

King Gyros Columbus

If you drive down South Hamilton Road in Whitehall, King Gyros is a hard to miss building. With it’s ornate, Greek-inspired building and decorative paintings it is an eye catcher. And you should let this building do more than just catch your eyes because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The beautifully painted walls (all painted by one man with one brush over a 3 month period) continue throughout the interior, whisking you away to Greece, preparing your mind and tastebuds for a delicious feast.

King Gyros Artwork

The owner Yianni came to the United States when he was a young boy from Rhodes Island in Greece and since then his family members have owned several restaurants in Columbus such as Fisherman’s Wharf and The Mad Greek. But today he is the only family member to be in the business with 28 years of owning and operating King Gyros under his belt! You are not left to wonder how he has been so successful after tasting what he serves. Everything we had was bursting with flavor and passion. After all, many are family recipes that he eats himself.


We were first presented with a trio of dips that was anything but an appetizer – I could have eaten this as my main meal and been more than satisfied. The three Greek dip were their House Hummus (chickpeas, garlic, tahini, spices), Fire Feta (feta, spices), and the Mt. Olympus Dip (cilantro, parsley, chickpeas, tahini, spices). We all went back and forth on which was our favorite but in the end I decided to scoop a little of them all up at once.

Don’t forget, the plentiful amounts of fresh pita bread to go with those dips (and everything else), much to Sam‘s excitement.

@SamSaysYum King Gyros

Next up was a salad so good you won’t just consider it as a side dish. Especially when you find out the dressing is their house gyro sauce full of all the garlic.

King Gyros - Greek Salad

Speaking of gyro sauce, we of course dug into a pile of thinly sliced gyro meat which was flavorful enough on its own but who are you kidding if you skip the gyro sauce? I would buy that stuff by the jar.

King Gyros - Gyro Meat

Dolmades were the next item to hit the table. Normally I am not a huge fan but these were the best I ever had. In fact they were incredible! The creamy lemon dill sauce on top really seals the deal.

King Gyros - Dolmades

Italian meatballs can take the day off when Yianni’s ground beef and lamb meatballs are around. Made with pita bread crumbs instead of regular bread crumbs really does make a difference!

King Gyros - Souzoukakia

And of course you better save room for dessert because in addition to the expected baklava they also have a strawberry pistachio baklava cheesecake that will steal your heart.

In the middle of our meal were even treated by a belly dance by the talented Anastasia Fotia. Jeremy caught her eye the most ;-). Yianni really is the host with the most, welcoming us all into his restaurant as family.

@thejeremyking King Gyros Anastasia Fotia

Can’t pick just one thing to order? King Gyros is celebrating their 28th year with what they call the Opa Special, consisting of several of their most popular dishes all on one plate for only $12.95 though the end of August:

  • Dolmades (grape leaves) stuffed with rice, ground lamb, and topped with lemon dill sauce
  • Souzoukakia (ground beef and lamb meatballs) topped with a tomato herb sauce
  • Thinly sliced gyro meat with house gyro sauce
  • Fresh Greek house salad

Who do you think Vanna Whites the Opa Speical better, Jordan or Yianni?

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King Gyros
400 S Hamilton Road
Columbus, OH 43213
(614) 866-9008
Monday-Thursday: 10:30am–10pm
Friday: 10:30am-11pm
Sat: 11am–11pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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Blog Post & Photos by:  
Erin, The Spiffy Cookie

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