Did you know that CbusFoodBloggers consists of over 50 different bloggers/instagrammers? Some of us you may already stalk follow, and others you haven’t yet had the chance to meet! In an effort to help our readers get to know us and the bloggers behind our group, we conduct monthly interview highlighting one of our members. This month, we have Jessie Kiste from EatPour614!

  1. How did you become a food blogger? What is the theme of your blog/IG?

This answer is boring! My husband and I are always trying new recipes/restaurants/bars, so I figured I might as well take pictures while I was at it! I focus on Columbus, but also like to throw in fun food and drink pictures from our travels and weekend getaways. We have also recently started a tradition of making over-the-top recipes at home on Sunday nights (to distract ourselves from the fact that the weekend is over), so I typically share those pictures too!

  1. What is your favorite thing to cook for yourself or others?

-If it’s me and my girlfriends, I typically make something from blogger Cookie and Kate…delicious, vegetarian, and never boring!

-If it’s me and my husband, its 50% chance of pizza, 25% chance of homemade pita/Mediterranean themed, and 25% chance of tacos

  1. What makes the Columbus food scene great? Or what would you change?

I love the variety! We have sophisticated restaurants, locally-owned family restaurants, and a lot of really great fast-casual restaurants that keep things fresh. I am a huge fan of craft beer, and love the beer scene in Columbus. Never a shortage of breweries to hang out at.

  1. What restaurant(s) is at the top of your “must try” list?

I would love to go to The Market for “no menu Monday!” Also, Service Bar! I’ve been for a cocktail, but need to try the food!

  1. What’s (and where) the most memorable meal/dish you had recently?

-The most recently: we had so many good vacation eats in Las Vegas, including a tasting menu at Best Friend (Roy Choi’s) restaurant

-In Columbus? Nothing fancy, but eating large amounts of Aab takeout on the couch with my husband is always memorable

  1. Give us the inside scoop — what’s your favorite happy hour, hole in the wall, or hidden gem in Columbus?

Meister’s deep dish pizza…hands down! It also helps that they are the official Browns Backers bar. Lets go Browns!

  1. What is your favorite locally made food product?

Does beer count as food? If so, I love Land Grant Urban Sombrero, the black IPA from Seventh Son, and any sour that Platform makes!

  1. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

Besides Columbus, I am also a huge fan of Cleveland! My husband and I visit several times a year (Cavs, Indians, Browns are great excuses). I love their landscape with the lake next to downtown, and I think they also have a really great food scene!

Thanks Jessie! Be sure to check our her Instagram.

Interviewed by:
Erin, the Spiffy Cookie

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