Did you know that CbusFoodBloggers consists of over 50 different bloggers/instagrammers? Some of us you may already stalk follow, and others you haven’t yet had the chance to meet! In an effort to help our readers get to know us and the bloggers behind our group, we conduct monthly interview highlighting one of our members. This month, we have Jennifer Osterholt from Plowing Through Life!

  1. How did you become a food blogger? What is the theme of your blog/IG?

I’m Jennifer Osterholt.  I began my blog PlowingThroughLife.com in 2011 to share my experiences living and working on a farm, and to offer encouragement to others after struggling through a few years as a single parent. You’ll find stories of how my little farmer builds farm scenes in our basement and how we healed after the loss of a loved one.  In 2017 I began to focus on sharing the recipes that we serve on our farm house table with family and friends.

Agriculture runs deep

When I was a toddler, my grandpa tried to help my mother by purchasing a playpen to place me in as she did chores in the pig birthing barn (a.k.a. farrowing house). Eventually, I learned to tip the pen over and inserted myself into those chores. Being around animals became a cornerstone of my upbringing.

I still enjoy working on the farm.  I’m blessed to have a ten-year-old boy who lives, breathes and sleeps farming.  {It’s true he talks about farming in his sleep.}  We’re very grateful to have added a little girl to our family in 2016.

I’m proud to have grown up in a setting that cultivated such a close connection with food. On occasion, I forget how few people shared in my experiences.  One of my missions is to continue identifying ways for people like me to share our farm stories with those who are interested in conversing.

My family raises pigs, beef cattle, corn, soybeans, wheat and hay on the edge of the rural and suburban interface, so I understand firsthand how many questions people have about how food, farmers and farming.  My husband owns and operates a small farm in eastern Indiana.  His family takes care of pigs and turkeys on contract just across the state line in western Ohio.  He works with them to raise corn and soybeans.

  1. What is your favorite thing to cook for yourself or others?

I like cooking with the meat that we raise on the farm and I also enjoy baking.  I think I’m most well-known for sharing properly cooked pork with others.  That is pork chops or pork loin that is cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F and still has a blush of pink in the center.

  1. What makes the Columbus food scene great? Or what would you change?

The demands of working on the farm and my other responsibilities have made it a challenge to try a lot of new restaurants, so I look forward to learning more!

  1. What restaurant(s) is at the top of your “must try” list?

The Pearl & Vaso Rooftop Lounge

  1. What’s (and where) the most memorable meal/dish you had recently?

Meals at home that our family has prepared together OR any meal out sans kids that I can actually taste and enjoy are memorable!

  1. Give us the inside scoop — what’s your favorite happy hour, hole in the wall, or hidden gem in Columbus?

The Polaris Grill & J. Liu are two of my favorite restaurants!

  1. What is your favorite locally made food product?

That’s easy – the food our family grows!  I love knowing that the food we eat anywhere is likely connected to a farm somewhere in the USA.  We have a lot of farms right here in Ohio that do not direct market, but the food they produce still ends up in restaurants and grocery stores.  I love knowing that most food comes from farming families!

  1. Some of us are not full-time food bloggers. If you are not, what is your “real” job?

I work as a virtual assistant to other bloggers, marketing consultant and speaker.

  1. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

Operating big tractors to do farm work is one of my favorite hobbies!  Girl power!

Thanks Jennifer! Be sure to check our her blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Interviewed by:
Erin, the Spiffy Cookie

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