What isn’t there to do in Grandview? There’s so many genres of food to choose from all within walking distance and a sprinkling of local shops and activities in between.

Grandview Tour

After a very successful trip to Delaware, exploring just a small portion of what the town has to offer, we thought it would be a great idea to do similar adventures in other parts of Columbus. Our latest tour was of Grandview, which has so much to offer that we spent an entire afternoon hopping between restaurants, bars, and local shops.

We kicked off the afternoon at Vino Vino, owned by Peter and his wife who actually met while in law school at OSU and started dating over a mutual love of food. Why the switch from law into food business? The night their first daughter was born, they decided that life was too short to practice law and wanted to capture that feeling of joy every day and thus transformed their love of food into a restaurant. They first started with Figlio 27 years ago and then Vino Vino 12 years later as a more creative outlet beyond pizza at Figlio. They also wanted to provide a wider range of wines, of which most have a story behind why they picked them – just ask!

We tried the crab and corn chowder, truffled mushroom pizza, chicken diablo (their most popular dish and served on both sides), and finished off with their white chocolate crème brulee.

We then ventured a short distance down the road to Pure Imagination Chocolatier, because it’s never too early for dessert. They started their business at The North Market before being able to open their own brick and mortar. They have since had successes such as serving their chocolate to the cast of The Walking Dead, the Academy Awards, and even had their Theobroma truffles featured in the movie Chocolat! It’s no wonder why they are so popular, they use a chocolate that is richer and slightly less sweet than your traditional chocolate or imitation candy coating called couvutuer which has a higher cocoa butter content resulting in a beautiful gloss coating.

Next stop was The Ohio Taproom. Before taking up residence this location had been a number of things, from a barber shop, to a used car lot, and also a candy shop owned by a woman who oddly enough hated children. On the contrary the current owners always make sure they have one soda on tap for kids (or your DD). But of course we were all walking so we dove into their 20 brews on tap, which they will also gladly fill into any growler for you to take home. Want to hang out for awhile? Not only do they allow kids but also dogs and outside food. We actually saw a crew hanging out playing chess and knitting.



We then worked up an appetite walking over to Aladdin’s Eatery. Based in Cleveland, they opened their first location here in Columbus in the 90s and now have three locations here but looking to open another. Being based in Cleveland, all their baked goods, including their pita, are from Jasmine’s a bakery in Cleveland. Speaking of pita, we used plenty of it to scoop up portions from their mixed appetizer tray (which is normally only on their catering menu). From there we dove into a huge selection of items from their menu and finished off with a platter of baklava!

With full bellies we took a retail break to explore local shops such as Thread, Vernacular Home, and Red Giraffe Designs. Looking for other activities in the area? An adventure like ours would have been the perfect time to pour a candle at The Candle Lab because you can pour, go eat, and then come back for it once it’s solidified afterwards! Some other places in Grandview we have featured in the past are: Watershed, Sweet Carrot, Balboa, and Zauber (now know as Endeavor).

Once we had recovered from our Aladdin’s meal, our final savory stop on our list was Spagio Wine Lounge, where we received our first lesson in wine tasting. They actually offer courses such as Wine 101 which teaches you how to pick our flavors in wine, but are more than willing to help you learn more about wine in away way you desire. We of course opted for the option that involved food includes charcuterie, fries, calamari, veggies, bread and oil, and an array of their pizzas. Afterwards we got a sneak peek into their members only restaurant next door called Aubergine, which after being open 29 years this month is the longest running membership only restaurant in Ohio.

Of course you can’t walk all over Grandview and not stop for a couple scoops of ice cream, so we ended our journey at Jeni’s. Since Jeni’s speaks for itself, all that’s left to ask is which part of town would you like to see us explore next?

Interested in collaborating on a meetup or becoming a member of the Columbus Food Bloggers group? Please email us at: cbusfoodbloggers@gmail.com.

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