The Columbus Food Bloggers definitely love their food. But they also love food-related apparel, such as the custom designs at Inked & Screened!

Inked and Screened-1

When we aren’t eating food, cooking food, or thinking about food, we sometimes can be found exploring what Columbus has to offer beyond the food scene. On this occasion, at a place called Inked & Screened, we screen printed food-related t-shirts and maybe brought food to snack on in the process. You just can’t turn us off.

Inked and Screened-2

We had the pleasure of not just having custom shirts made for us, but to also see the process in person and get in on the action ourselves. Taylor was awesome to work with both via e-mail discussing designs and then on location showing us around and how to make the shirts.

Inked and Screened-3

The idea for Inked and Screened started while in art school, starting by screen printing for fun, and decided to make a business out of it. The business is run by just 4 people, providing custom apparel, vinyl decals, poster prints, and even super cool metal prints!

Inked and Screened-9


Inked and Screened-5

So how does it work? Screen printing is quite literally a mesh screen just like you have on your house windows. The screens are coated with an emulsion that is light sensitive so this step is done in a dark room. To add the design, it is printed on transparent paper, laid over the paint, exposed to UV light, and the paint falls off whenever the design was – tada!

Inked and Screened-8

These screens are then laid over whatever surface you want it printed on, ink is scraped over the top, and your design is printed through the holes in which make up your design. All that’s left is to send it through a short conveyor oven at 320 degrees to dry and seal the ink. Instead of baking food, we baked shirts with food on them!

Inked and Screened-6

Inked and Screened-10

While we obviously did our business in person, most of their work comes through online ordering. We are just lucky enough to have them right here in Columbus to bug them in person – especially because that also meant we got to meet Clinton the shop cat!.

Inked and Screened-11

When we visited Inked and Screened they were still at their Clintonville location, where they resided for almost 2 years before moving to 725 Taylor Ave right behind Pretentious Barrel House. They love working with local businesses, artists, and non profits and to prove it they offer discount pricing for these groups. They also do live printing events like the one we attended where you get to see the entire printing process. What a great idea for a work event or party! I (Erin) also had tanks and shirts printed for my wedding!

Inked and Screened-4

Inked and Screened
725 Taylor Ave
Columbus, OH 43219
(614) 826-5006
Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

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Blog Post & Photos by:  
Erin, The Spiffy Cookie

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