The cbusfoodbloggers took a field trip to Delaware last month to check out a few of the city’s favorite businesses:  Olivina Taproom, Fresh Start Café and Bakery, The Greater Gouda, and Seminary Hill Farms.  Though it’s just half an hour north of Columbus, many of us had never been to Delaware before!  Turns out Delaware is adorable, with a charming historic downtown and a burgeoning food scene.  Who knew?!

Olivina Taproom generously hosted our group for this mini taste of Delaware.  Olivina sources their oils from a family estate in southern Spain, and owner Chris Schobert jokes that they are sort of like micro-brewers of the olive oil business.  The olives are harvested once per year and require a year of aging before they are ready for consumption.  In addition to their oils, Olivina also carries nearly 30 vinegars sourced from Italy and a variety of pantry goods like pasta, crackers, and spreads to pair with your oils and vinegars.  I bought a bottle of their Sherry Vinegar, and have already obliterated my supply.  Time for a return trip!

Greater Gouda is located just down the street from Olivina, and they brought an incredible cheeseboard spread to our meet up, complete with several of their best selling-cheeses, along with dozens of accouterments you can buy at their shop.  I was a BIG fan of Big Ed’s Gouda and the oh-so-gooey brie.

Snapseed 2

One perk of Delaware being located outside of the big city is that fresh produce and eggs from Seminary Hill Farms travels less than 5 miles to their doors!  Seminary Hill Farm has 10 acres of certified organic fruits and veggies at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio.  In my opinion, this is next level local sourcing.  Seminary Hill also has CSA options available, with a German Village pickup option.


Not sure how to use all this delicious olive oil and vinegar at home?  Olivina’s executive chef, Michael Turner, hosts in-store cooking classes and demonstration events to give you tons of ideas for preparing simple, flavorful meals, with recipes to take home with you.  Plus, at Olivina, you can try before you buy; each oil and vinegar is on tap and ready for tasting.  We made good use of the fresh, scratch-made bread that Fresh Start Café and Bakery brought for the group to sample.  In addition to the bread, we tried a variety of baked treats from Fresh Start.

The everything croissants were definitely a crowd favorite, as well as the cake truffles they sent home with us!


Speaking of the croissants, I made a wonderful sandwich out of one Fresh Start croissant along with some cheese from Greater Gouda, micro greens from Seminary Hill, and a drizzle of Olivina’s lemon olive oil.  Echoing this idea of using a bit from each local artisan, partnership was a common theme and aspiration expressed throughout the night.  Delaware is actively growing their food community and cross-promotion and support is integral to this growth.  As just one of many examples, Fresh Start uses Olivina oil in their croissants and The Greater Gouda ham in their breakfast sandwiches.

Snapseed 3

In case you were wondering, YES that is CHEESE SUSHI in the photo above.


Olivina Taproom

44 South Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Fresh Start Cafe and Bakery

24 North Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

The Greater Gouda

12 N Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Seminary Hill Farm

3081 Columbus Pike,  Delaware, OH 43015


Blog Post by:  
Mary Cowx, Fervent Foodie


3 thoughts on “#cbusfoodbloggers Delaware Field Trip

  1. Everything was so great and I’ve since been back to restock on some of the items I loved and already obliterated from my initial purchases. Definitely need to get back there to explore more of the food!


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