While we often share our adventures visiting local restaurants and food makers in this great city of ours, we also like to cook sometimes. Take a peek at our annual pot luck, brunch style!

The best part about pot lucks is getting to enjoy some food from each others’ kitchens and to try some new things! We loved the how everyone was represented in their own way whether it was homemade or a local product that they love and wanted to share.

Jordan (Midwest Foodfest) and her mom Judy (Judy’s Clay Dates and our most gracious host opening her home to us) made a French toast casserole and the literal star of the brunch, Cinnamon star bread! It’s so dang pretty!

Stacy (Eat Pretty 614) brought breakfast sliders with ham, egg and cheese. Such a simple recipe but oh so amazing. Whatever was drizzled on top was key.

Malini (Lakes and Lattes) made two gluten-free dishes: a sausage egg and cheese souffle, and and sweet potato hash (which was also vegan just in case we had any food restrictions the group because she’s thoughtful like that).

Alina (Tasting Columbus) shared a little bit of her Russian heritage with us by making Russian cheese crepes filled with a mixture of cream cheese and cottage cheese. Could also imagine these served for dessert with a fruit compote on top.

Joe (The 614-orty-Niner) was the only one who remembered it was St. Patrick’s Day (yes this post is a bit late) as he made sure there was something green on our menu, called Pandan Puto (“poo-too” not “poo-toh”). Upon a quick Google search, pandan is called “the vanilla of Southeast Asia”.

Courtney (Neighbor Food) brought cheesesteak and egg sandwiches from Neighbor’s Deli which instantly became everyone’s new favorite deli (and how appropriate give her blog name and the deli’s?)

Nikki (Sweetly Cbus) brought some of her favorite artisan doughnuts from Tupelo Doughnuts. Every brunch should be served with a doughnut, don’t you think? Especially when it includes these Bailey’s doughnuts or crème brûlée doughnuts (seen fuzzily in the background).

What made this potluck different from our inaugural pot luck, was that in addition to the large group of bloggers present, local makers also joined us by either donating items to be enjoyed or attending and making their own dish to pass to add to our brunch-themed spread.

Annette of Bellisari’s outdid herself by not only bringing several of her delicious spreads, but also made Thai chicken flatbread, goat cheese balls, and pulled pork. There are lots of other great recipes on her website!

Rian of Simple Times/Karate Cowboy and Steve of J-Pops teamed up to make a loaded pop-tail made with the Simple Times pineapple mule, Karate Cowboy natural and a cherry lemonade J-Pop – far superior to an mimosa we’ve seen at brunch before. They are a dream team!

For dessert Erin (The Spiffy Cookie) teamed up with Indulgence Ice Cream to make lemon ricotta and blueberry sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches! Be cause what would brunch be without dessert? Of course there were several other amazing Indulgence Ice Cream flavors to choose from as well, making everyone swoon.

There were also appearances by JK Brittleworks‘ array or brittles, Ridiculously Good Salsa and lush-pops, Shelly Lou’s Lids St. Patrick’s Day themed hats, CaJohn’s Fiery Foods sauces, a Natterdoodle Ohio print that was raffled off to one of our members, and a tote from Inked & Screened made just for our group. We wish all brunch potlucks could be like this!

Thank you to all the bloggers and local businesses that contributed to this event! It was a great time spent networking but more importantly just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. And a special thank you to Jordan’s (Midwest Foodfest) mom Judy (Judy’s Clay Dates) for hosting!

Interested in collaborating on a meetup or becoming a member of the Columbus Food Bloggers group? Please email us at: cbusfoodbloggers@gmail.com.

Blog Post & Photos by:  
Erin, The Spiffy Cookie

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