Have you ever looked over a restaurant’s menu of tacos and thought MAN this sounds good, but I’d really like to add roasted mushrooms and chipotle aioli and skip the tomatoes. And maybe get tofu instead of chicken. And also add some scrambled eggs. And if they could just put some sweet corn grits in there, that would be awesome. And you know what? I really only want one of these tacos.  Well, that plus two other highly customized concoctions. I mean, is that too much to ask?! Not at Condado Tacos, my friends.  At Condado’s every dang taco is individually designed by YOU.


For those who haven’t been to Condado, heres’s the rundown:  (1) grab an order sheet.  (2) grab a pencil.  (3) fill in bubbles to your heart’s content, high school scantron style.

condado menu



The brunch menu features special breakfast-fied taco shells, including The Southerner, which comes with a flour soft shell, corn hard shell, AND cheddar grits and the Wake-n-bake, with gravy and biscuit crumble.

Condados recently revealed a brand new menu item:  the FIRECRACKER SHELL.  Available at all Condado Tacos locations as of February 26, the Firecracker is a crunchy shell with a spicy combination of chili powder, garlic, and cayenne.

Condado Tacos opened in 2014 with its first location at 1227 North High Street.  Since then, Condado has opened several more locations in Columbus (including Clintonville) and Pittsburgh!

If the build-your-own taco model wasn’t incentive enough to check them out, Condado’s commitment to fresh, handmade food should pique your interest.  Everything at Condado, from the salsa to the tortillas chips, is made fresh in house each day.

Recently, the #cbusfoodbloggers met up at Condado in Clintonville for brunch.  I have seriously never seen a table full of more beautiful tacos.

Our taco shells overfloweth.

Of course, brunch or not, no visit to Condado is complete without some house-made chips, salsa, and guacamole!  I’m a total guac snob, but I loved this version with pickled onions on top.

Did I mention the breakfast margaritas?


Condado Tacos

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Blog Post by:  
Mary Cowx, Fervent Foodie


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