Did you know that CbusFoodBloggers consists of over 30 different bloggers/instagrammers? Some of us you may already stalk follow, and others you haven’t yet had the chance to meet! In an effort to help our readers get to know us and the bloggers behind our group, we conduct monthly interview highlighting one of our members. This month, we have Courtney Rowland from Neighborfood!


  1. How did you become a food blogger? What is the theme of your blog/IG?

I started my blog when I was a newlywed working part time. I had some extra time on my hands and began reading food blogs as a way to pass the time and teach myself how to cook. I ended up enjoying it so much, I decided to start a blog of my own to document my adventures in the kitchens. I believe food tastes better when it’s shared, so the theme of my blog is creating accessible recipes you will love to make and share with your family. On Instagram, I love to share little glimpses into the food we’re making and sharing, whether at home or on the town.

  1. What is your favorite thing to cook for yourself or others?

I love nothing more than making a big pot of soup with a side of crusty bread. Chocolate chip cookies are a close second.

  1. What makes the Columbus food scene great? Or what would you change?

The diversity and accessibility of food in this city is wonderful. It seems there is always a new place to discover. I love that you can get really great food at a range of prices, so a delicious (and unique) bite doesn’t have to break the budget.

  1. What restaurant(s) is at the top of your “must try” list?

It seems this list gets longer every day! Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, G Michael’s, and M top my list for fancy date nights. I love Los Gauchos, Dirty Frank’s, and Brassica for a quick and more budget friendly bite.

  1. What’s (and where) the most memorable meal/dish you had recently?

The Spicy Chicken and Mushrooms at The Olive Tree rocks my world every.single.time. I think I could eat it every single day.

  1. Give us the inside scoop — what’s your favorite happy hour, hole in the wall, or hidden gem in Columbus?

I don’t feel like too many places are hidden these days, but Starliner Diner remains a favorite as does Beechwold Diner (my husband swears by the French toast). The happy hour at Forno can’t be beat!

  1. What is your favorite locally made food product?

I stock up on Lynd’s Strawberry Rhubarb jam every fall. It’s the best!

  1. Some of us are not full-time food bloggers. If you are not, what is your “real” job?

Blogging is my full-time gig, though I have an energetic 18 month old running around, so I’m more like a nap time blogger most days. My previous job was in community organizing, and I still love working on community projects in my spare time.

  1. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

I don’t know if this is interesting or embarrassing, but despite the fact that I’ve learned to cook and appreciate so many different kinds of foods, I still crave good ol’ box Mac and Cheese on a fairly regular basis. Perhaps even more interesting–the Meijer brand is my favorite!

Thanks Courtney! Be sure to check our her blog NeighborfoodBlog.com. You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Interviewed by:
Erin, the Spiffy Cookie

One thought on “Let’s taco ’bout Courtney Rowland from Neighborfood

  1. I’ve never heard of The Olive Tree, clearly I need to fix that. Also, I too still have a weakness for boxed mac and cheese. I don’t have a favorite brand but I swear by the spirals!


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