We don’t know what’s better – seasonal, themed menus or celebrating Taco Tuesday. At The Kitchen you can do both!

Our last post covered our delightful experience at The Kitchen cooking brunch together along with some tidbits into their story. If you missed that you should absolutely click on over to that post. While they are primarily a private event space, on Tuesdays they function like a typical restaurant, bringing you a unique themed Taco Tuesday menu each week. Naturally we had to get the full experience and attend one such night.

The idea for Taco Tuesday was actually a continuation of what Anne and Jen had already been doing in their own homes, prior to opening The Kitchen, as they would often gather at Anne’s house on Tuesdays to cook tacos. When they opened, they figured Tuesdays would be unpopular so Taco Tuesday was born! Since then, in addition to the obvious Mexican theme, they have also loved playing with Italian, Southern BBQ and other fusions. The next fusions is Thai! Consult their event calendar to see what else is in store.

Their back wall features a giant chalkboard (which will have crafty homeowners salivating already) where they artfully describe the week’s menu selection, served a la cart. This usually consists of a variety of tacos (with alternating proteins and at least one vegetarian and/or dairy free option), 2 quesadillas, a few sides, specialty cocktail selections, beers, wines, and a dessert or two.  They often donate 10% of their proceeds to a different cause each week as well.

On this particular occasion, the taco theme was based upon the t-shirt slogans of BeTheSign.org and 10% of the proceeds benefited Planned Parenthood. It was cool to see a lot of customers arriving already wearing shirts or carrying totes with various Be The Sign slogans ironed onto them. Be The Sign was also on site selling their iron-ons to take home and put on an item of your choosing or you could purchase a shirt or tote and have them iron it on the spot.

This Taco Tuesday was themed less in a food-oriented way and more so on the naming of the menu items. For example, one of our favorites was the “It’s cool if you unfriend me. No, really.” which featured braised beef, tomato, roasted bell pepper, onion, fried mac and cheese, and basil pesto. It’s hard to deny anything with fried mac and cheese!

Other favorites included the roasted beet taco with pickled cucumber, the butternut squash and sweet potato fried ravioli, and the beef, rice, and guacamole quesadilla. It’s no surprise that many of the menu items sell out so if you’re interested in a particular thing make sure to show up early!

We enjoyed our Taco Tuesday experience so much that we are actually taking over their menu on May 23 for a Culture Foodie themed menu, featuring items inspired by various cultures. We’ve already been brainstorming things like British, Greek, and Vietnamese bahn mi tacos, and Czech dessert pierogies. Mark your calendar and come say hi!

Want to stop by for Taco Tuesday? No reservation is needed, just stop by form 5-9pm. However, if you are planning a celebration, you are also welcome to gather a large group for a birthday party, happy hour or going away party. Contact them at info@thekitchencolumbus.com or 614.225.8940 to start planning your Taco Tuesday Celebration.

Interested in collaborating on a meetup or becoming a member of the Cbus Food Bloggers group? Please email us at: cbusfoodbloggers@gmail.com.

Blog Post & Photos by:  
Erin, The Spiffy Cookie

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