If you have been to Pins Mechanical since its opening in September, you know there is no need to dust off those old bowling shoes your grandpa gave you. Pins Mechanical is the new way to game. Period. They offer a unique experience from the usual bar scene that isn’t being done anywhere else right now. Be advised to go early….this place is so trendy that sometimes a wait for Duckpin bowling will start as early as 2:00 PM on weekends! You can bring the whole family until 8 PM when it becomes age 21 and up.


What is Duckpin bowling you ask? For starters, the ball is much smaller (about the same size as a softball) so there is no need for finger holes. The pins are arranged the same way as in traditional bowling except they are smaller and lighter making it much more difficult to get a strike which is why you are allowed three tries per frame instead of two. The concept is basically the same, knock down as many pins as possible in hopes of getting a strike or a spare…. Or in my case, just try to keep it in your own lane! If you really want to test your luck at duckpin, you can join their league on Mondays or Tuesdays.


They also offer Pinball:






and 36 craft beers on tap with a solid cocktail menu as well!


Make sure you check out their two amazing outdoor spaces complete with Giant Jenga, Shuffleboard, and rotating food trucks.  The spaces are much larger than your average patio and the lights and greenery give them the perfect amount of fun meets ambiance.


Most people don’t realize that Pins doesn’t have a kitchen but you will never be hungry with the Por’ketta food truck set up conveniently on their patio.  In addition to Por’ketta, there are always two other food trucks set up on Fridays and Saturdays.  We were lucky enough to sample some of the fresh and locally sourced foods Por’ketta has to offer and although everything was very delicious, I was especially smitten with the Pork Sundae with its layers of cornbread, pulled pork, barbecue sauce and pickled onion…… YUM!!!!


Did you know the Pins building was previously an NTB (National Tire & Battery) store?  The garage doors you see were actually car bays for oil and tire changes!  Although unrecognizable as the same space, there is a collage of old pictures on one of the walls to appreciate how far the space has come over time.  This huge, 16,000 square foot venue can now hold 2,000 guests.


Can’t get enough of this unique gaming experience? Well you’re in luck because they’re opening locations in Cincinnati and in Dublin (at the new construction project on Riverside Drive). The Dublin model is set to open sometime this summer and is projected to be very similar to the existing location.  In the meantime, there is plenty of fun to be had at their downtown location.  While there is no private event space, they can make reservations for parties of 20 or more.  They also have some themed events coming up such as special drink features  for St. Patrick’s Day and with the parade nearby, it will be the perfect place to celebrate.  With the continued success of this business model, I look forward to seeing what Pins Mechanical has in store for us in the future!

 Blog Post and Photos by:  
Stacy Westgerdes, Eat Pretty 614


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