#cbusfoodbloggers: brunch at Balboa

Ladies and gentlemen of Columbus:  if you aren’t eating tacos for breakfast you are doing it all wrong.


The lovely breakfast taco specimen you see here came straight from Balboa in Grandview where the #cbusfoodbloggers gang met up for brunch earlier this month.  When it comes to tacos, the #cbusfoodbloggers practice what we preach, and Balboa’s brunch  menu has us all covered, with breakfast tacos PLUS seven tacos off the regular menu.

balboa-brunch-spiffy-cookieIn addition to tacos, the brunch menu includes a breakfast eggwhich with crispy pork belly and chipotle mayo, a breakfast scramble with braised short rib, goat cheese, and sweet potato hash PLUS churro waffles with whipped cream.  Don’t ye forget the mimosa and margaritas.


Did you know Balboa is part of a family of restaurants owned by Swanson Hospitality group?  The restaurant group includes Balboa, Bodega, Hadley’s, and the soon-to-be-reopened Grandview Cafe!  After eating our weight in tacos at Balboa, we took a leisurely stroll next door to get a sneak peak of the work happening at Grandview Cafe!


There’s lots of work to be completed, but they are projecting a March or April opening.  The revamped space will include garage-style doors, huge open windows, and awesome outdoor seating.  We’re looking forward to checking out the completed renovation this spring!

 Blog Post and Photos by:  
Mary Cowx, Fervent Foodie

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