Greetings, Columbus!  It’s Mary.

The #cbusfoodbloggers official “launch” potluck was last week, which, I believe means our group is officially official.  The purpose of the potluck was to give folks a chance to voice their thoughts and ideas for the focus of the group, while enjoying some delicious food and wine.  And cookies.


Mary Fervent Foodie; Erin, the Spiffy Cookie; Jordan, Midwest Foodfest; Cierra, The Food Riders; Bethia, Alt.Eats.Columbus

Post-potluck, all #cbusfoodbloggers members (check out our member listing here) were sent a survey asking, among other things, what they think is missing both from the Columbus food scene and from the Columbus food blogger community.   This insight will be used to help us shape the #cbusfoodbloggers group and target specific collaborations.

I should note here that by “bloggers” we mean both traditional website-format bloggers and food instagrammers, because we are totally hip with the times.

(good news guys.  this is a community blog, so these posts won’t all be written by me.  which means you only have to swallow words like “hip” and “swanky” every once in a while!)

So, what’s missing from the Columbus food scene?


Mini hot dogs.  That’s what.  (kidding, sort of)

Many of our members think the folks creating the food aren’t getting the attention they deserve.  We want to meet the chefs and break the back-of-the-house social media divide!      Likewise, there is a desire to connect with small, independent restaurants who may not have the capacity (or a dedicated marketing person) to promote their businesses on social media.  Both of these points hit on a bigger theme:  broadening the scope of Columbus food social media coverage.

Several members voiced concerns and desire for more realism and constructive criticism among the food bloggers.  The sad truth is every meal consumed will not be THE BEST THING I EVER ATE or MIND BLOWING or even HEAVENLY.  Even if it is tacos.


These gluten-free vegan butternut squash and black bean enchiladas (with pickled radish, for fun) that I made for the potluck, for example, were good.  Enjoyable even.  AND they made a squash lover out of Jordan.  Did they KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF?  Nope.  And thank god, because it’s freaking cold outside.

Until now, the Columbus food bloggers haven’t had a central place to communicate.  #cbusfoodbloggers is that place.  Our goal is to unite Columbus foodies and provide a platform for collaboration and connecting with local restaurants and food businesses.  We hope to strengthen the food blogger community while bridging the divide between restaurant owners, chefs, and bloggers.  Because we love Columbus.  And we love to eat.  And we love telling people all about it.


Interested in collaborating on a meetup or becoming a member of the group?  Please email us at:

Blog Post by:  
Mary Cowx, Fervent Foodie

Photos by:  
Erin, the Spiffy Cookie

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